Heather uses talk therapy, embodiment processes, tantric practices, guided meditations and Spiritual Psychology principals to guide you or you and your partner to work and play toward gaining clarity toward your desires and shifting what blocks you into ultimate loving alignment.

Want to learn how to store pleasure and use it as a source of pure energy? Want to learn how to use energy formed from your pleasure to fuel all of your desires? I learned how to do this!

Want to experience transformation that is pleasurable?? Who doesn’t?

Working with Heather, you will:

Learn to identify feelings and let them move through you rather than get stuck in circular experiences of feeling not good enough, or not worthy. 

Find deep and strong resourcefulness within yourself to help you get through uncomfortable situations and feelings, rather than bolting when things don't feel good.

Make peace with what you don't like about yourself and learn that by loving those areas, they either transform into being more helpful or you realize their gifts.

Learn how to identify what you really REALLY want in this world and go for it with out letting yourself get completely over-run by fear and learning to invite each bit of resistance you meet along the way to the throne of your heart, rather than kicking it off the highway.

O….and want to find numerous kinds of orgasms in your body...really weird and ecstatic, expansive, mind-shifting feelings of extraordinary pleasure?

You can discover all of this and more…

Sessions will be online, utilizing the application Zoom; and sessions will vary in length between 60-90 minutes sessions. Audio recordings of sessions will be sent to you to save and revisit anytime you wish. After each session, you will have action steps and rewiring tools toward manifesting your most important desires.

Healing our relationships, will heal world.

Are you curious what inspired me toward this kind of study? Here is my story:

I was fortunate enough to have extremely loving parents that raised me to be wonderfully independent and creative. But they divorced when I was only 3 and I got to be raised by them lovingly, but very separately. I didn’t have great positive role models for partnership.

I have been on a life long path toward learning how to be in healthy relationships within my family and community, between myself and my partner, and most importantly, within myself. My experiences in tango as a dancer, teacher and choreographer helped me learn how to connect to others with healthy and comfortable boundaries; explore what it means to be feminine or masculine; enjoy the artistry of partnership; and find empowering intimacy through dance relationship practice. I also became a yoga teacher in 2014, which gave me immense transformative tools toward finding greater contentment and ease for myself and others.

Mixing yoga into my tango led me to start an educational journey into spiritual psychology, studies of relationship transformation, embodied tantric practices and cutting edge sexuality science. This 22 year combined experience in teaching relationship practices has taught me that healing our relationships is the key to transforming yourself and the planet.

It is my light and pleasure to help everyone create integrated, healthy and passionate connection to themselves and to each other.

I studied Spiritual Psychology at University of Santa Monica, giving and receiving over 300 hours of heart-centered coaching; and I studied Love, Sex and Relationship Coaching from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, where I accumulated over 600 hours in coaching experience. I have been teaching moving embodiment practices such as Buddhi Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Biodynamic Breathwork and Meditation as well as partner dancing and kiteflying for over 25 years.

It all boils down to connection, connection, connection. Connection to self, to your partner, to your community and to the planet. One leads to the other. All of these aspects of connection are not separate from one another. No matter where you begin, if you follow the string, it will lead you to greater wellbeing and love.

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