Private and Personal Coaching Packages with Heather


Personal Relationship Practice

10 sessions

Work with Heather directly on defining your heart’s desires for relationship. She will accompany you on a journey where you will feel where and how your are blocked from achieving these desires and then assist you in gently shifting, transforming and rewiring into manifesting those desires.

Heather will help you to integrate into thriving.

You will connect more authentically, feel like a sex god and goddess and become fully alive in your passions while knowing love ever more deeply than you ever dreamed possible.


Passion and Purpose in your Partnership

10 sessions over 3 months

You and your partner will learn how to thrive as a passionate and sexy couple, that has the power to serve and transform the world with their love.

Find clarity around the reoccuring issues in your relationship; learn to honestly share your needs with each other and learn to hear each other’s needs no matter how those needs are expressed.

Understand what draws you to each other to heal your personal stories.

Strengthen your relationship bubble; empower your relationship to empower yourself while simultaneously empowering yourselves individually in order to build your relationship.

Discover how to grow personally while also growing your partnership to heights that can not be reached alone.


Enjoy the iconic town of Aspen, CO, while Heather privately coaches you and your partner in person, working and playing to become more together than you ever dreamed possible.

This is a great option for couples wanting a reboot while enjoying the beautiful Colorado mountain town.

This is also an excellent ending to the Passion and Purpose Package.


Intensive Deep Dive for Individuals


Do you like marathons? If you want to go as far as you can in one session, this is for you: a 4 hour intensive coaching session to get deep transformative tools and rewiring practices all at one time.


Intensive Deep Dive for Couples


Do you believe healing and transforming your relationship will heal yourself and your partner?

This session is for two people extremely committed to their relationship. We will look at their particular relationship styles and issues to better understand, help and transform the individuals and we will look intently at the personal issues to better know how to heal and feed the relationship. 4-6 hours