Dive deeply into your own desires and learn how to clear the path to creating the life you are meant to have.

Integrate the diverse parts of who you are.

Create the freedom within yourself to be who you know you are.


Tired of sabotaging your relationships?

I was.

I continually bolted when things got tough. I always felt claustrophobic when we got really close. And yet, I longed for the depth of intimacy I saw in long term couples. I was on a hamster wheel. It sucked.

So I studied for many years trying to figure it out. Went to church, read self-help books, buried myself in parenting, in work and finally found answers through yoga, Spiritual Psychology and the Integrated Sex and Love Institute.

Here are just some of the tools I learned that I can teach you:


Explore what you have been given vs what you have chosen to believe

Find compassion and acceptance; you belong and are loved

Trust and feel that you are safe to feel good


Learn to trust your sensations and let them guide you

Embody and rewire through the positive reinforcement of pleasure