Heather Morrow
Heather Morrow
Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching for Individuals & Couples

Want to thrive within your Relationship?


For Couples

  • Let your relationship be a mirror for your own work, and let it help you identify what blocks you from being your best self.

  • Understand why you chose your partner and learn to communicate and connect to one another with love and play.

  • Create safety and trust by nuturing your couple bubble.

  • Learn to trust your sensations within the 3 part brain model and let PLEASURE be your guide toward integration, compassion and feeling free in your relationship.

  • Explore your sexuality together toward greater consciousness and oneness.

  • Use play and adventure to open your heart.


Want Passion in your Relationship?

Learn to give what you need and receive what you want. Journey together to cultivate the ultimate relationship that leads you to thrive individually AND as a couple.


Want to stop fighting and truly be loving to one another?


Learn to Communicate


Befriend your inner beasts

See your projections

“The only thing worth holding onto in this life is each other.”

— Audrey Hepburn